When asked what an ideal night on the tables would be like, Ervin Arana describes the mood with images. Smiling faces, low glowing lights, men whisking women onto a dance floor full of moving bodies.

Maybe it’s the keen photographer’s eye that has perfected his attention to details, and fine tuned his ability to pick up on the subtle nuances of a crowd’s waxing and waning energy. Or perhaps it’s his 17 years as a respected B-boy that’s nurtured his talent for singling out that obscure song that get’s people itching to get on the dance floor. Either way, Ervin’s multilayered and evolving artistic life have definitely contributed to his career as a DJ.

His journey into the world of music started off pretty simply. A summer party in the backyard of his Long Beach duplex. Struck by the vibe of the party, Ervin decided then, he wanted to share his own love of music with people. Armed with a handful of records, one turntable, and a stereo, he began practicing his craft by blending his selections with whatever was playing on the radio. But it was his time as a resident DJ for open dance sessions at LB’s Homeland Cultural Center where he was exposed to the art of playing for the crowd.

A consummate crate digger, Ervin’s forte lays in bringing rare grooves, unexpected blends, and a more mature musical palate to listeners; a style he likes to call “grown and sexy”. During the last 5 years, Ervin’s resume has blossomed to include gigs in London, Moscow, Mexico City, and parties spinning alongside Music Man Miles, Z-Trip, Rich Medina and DJ Sloe Poke. He is also a proud member of the Rock Steady Crew, and resident DJ at Root Down, one of LA’s most respected and longest running underground parties.

Whether he’s got his eye behind the shutter documenting LA’s nightlife and bboy culture, on the dance floor catching wreck in a cipher, or has his finger on the cross fader ready to make you move, Ervin Arana plans to make his mark on the world.

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